Winery Maccagno - Roero Arneis docg

- White Wine

Roero Arneis D.O.C.G.

La perla Bianca

Winery Maccagno - VarietyVariety


Winery Maccagno - VinificationVinification

crushing and pressing of fresh grapes, followed by fermentation of the must in small oak barells.

Winery Maccagno - AgingAging

resting in oak barrels for around 9 months and then aging in bottle for 6 months.

Winery Maccagno - Organoleptic PropertiesOrganoleptic properties

intense pale straw yellow, intense bouquet with slight notes of honey, scent of sweet spices, armonic and elegant taste.

Winery Maccagno - PairingPairing

La Perla bianca is a white wine to pair with red and white meat, wild meat, seafood and hard cheese.

Serving temperature


Bottle size

0.75 l

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