The Maccagno family

Winemakers in the Roero district
since 1936

The district

Vineyards in the Roero district

With passion and proud of their Piedmont roots, Livio and Corrado Maccagno have run for several years this small winery in Canale, the beating heart of the Roero district.

The recently renovated Maccagno winery is where the grapes harvested from the approximately 12 hectares which compose the estate’s own vineyards are vinified: these are mostly cultivated on the hill of San Michele, the most prestigious position in the county.


Its position at the strategic crossroads of the Langhe, Roero and Astigiano districts represents a key advantage for the Maccagno winery—despite its small size, it can boast the production of some of the most prestigious labels.

Arneis, Favorita, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Roero, Brut and Birbet are just some of the wines that allow the Maccagno winery to maintain a strong bond with the surrounding terroir.

A special mention goes to the Barbera d’Alba DOC Superiore Arcalè and Roero Riserva, which are the flagships of the wine production: a selection arising from vines that are over 60 years old.


Sustainability and tradition

The unadulterated flavour of the fruit and the authenticity of the grapes that are vinified represent the pure expression of the philosophy of the winery.

The concepts of sustainability and tradition turn into intrinsic values in the Maccagno winery, which pays the highest attention to the environment in order to protect a landscape that is the basis of the quality of what is produced.

From taking care of the vineyards to the wine cellar, from the attention to the materials used during the restructuring to the practices adopted on the vineyard: the final objective is to create a sustainable space, whereby the environmental impact is reduced to heighten the sensitivity of the consumer.

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We organise visits to the wine cellar to show you where our history was born: the vineyards, the grapes, the wine. We will gladly have you taste our wines during the visit.

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